Those of you that follow me on Twitter (@NickMcKetaPhoto) know that I am at my most active on Fridays with “FriFotos”.  Its a very simple concept: Tuesday a theme is announced, and on Friday, twitters from around the world share their pictures with the hash tag of “FriFotos”. 

When I decided to become more professional with my photography, I knew I had to get more involved in social networking.  I had a personal Twitter account, but didn't know the difference between @ and #. I wanted to share my thoughts and photographs, I just didn’t now how to go about it.  My girlfriend taught me the basics of "Proper Twitter format and etiquette", gave me a few pointers on what to and not to tweet (this is my 'professional' account after-all), and sent me on my way.  

It was a little intimidating at first, but like everything else, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.  The first time I had something re-tweeted I felt like a kid on christmas morning!  I believe the theme for that particular week was #brick.  

#Brick  The first Frifotos image I had retweeted!

#Brick  The first Frifotos image I had retweeted!

Frifotos also gives me a chance to look back at some of my 'older' pictures.  I see them all the time while looking for something in particular,  but don't really look at them with any kind of purpose.  But, when I'm told "This week's theme will be #Night", I'm able to look through and realize how many decent night shots I actually have in my collection.  Suddenly, all those thousands and thousands of images on my hard drives aren't so 'random'.  

Bonus: It also gives me another 'tag' in which to sort my images!

Every week I get to see fun pictures taken from all over the world.  There have been some gorgeous destinations, really great poses, and more importantly, great ideas shared in this ever growing community.  While I need to tweet more frequently, I think I have Fridays covered.