DC in Snow - 2014

Reports of “Stay inside and off the roads” filled the television on the thirteenth of February.  I took that to mean go driving.  For those not in the Washington DC area, the nationals capital is not prepared to handle an inch of snow, let alone the mini ‘Blizzard of 2014’.

Knowing that the roads would be bad, but empty, I took the opportunity to enjoy something that does not happen very often, a quiet District of Columbia.  Here are the pictures from my ‘adventure’.

This was the first “real” picture I took of the day.  I say “real” because I did technically take a few practice shots of my girlfriend making a very delicious peanut butter cheese cake.  I would share the picture of that, but I devoured it.  Thanks honey!  Anyway….


Before I could even get to my car, I saw this fire hydrant.  I liked how it looked there, partially buried in the freshly falling snow, with the mounds of snow form the tractors behind it.   

While deciding where to go, I was listening to a local sports talk show.  The Nationals Pitchers and Cathers had reported for spring training earlier in the day (in Florida) and I thought “How fitting!  They are having fun in the sun while its winter in full swing here.  I need to get a picture of this!  So, Here is a few pictures from Nationals Stadium.  Too bad it was so dreary out, but I liked the way some of these turned out.  If nothing else, it sparked my Natitude! 


Next on the my list was to hit up the Capital Building.  I thought that on a day where the city was shut down, it would be easy to find parking.  It wasn’t.  Every where I looked there were road closing, and cops at the corner saying “you can’t park here”.  I finally managed to get a spot (right by the National Mall!!) and started to walk about the area.  Turns out, lots of people had the same idea as me, as evident by the amount of snowmen on the field!  I have to say, some people are pretty creative and skilled with snow, the sculptors of “Two feet of Snow” even got interviewed by the weather channel!   

Two feet of snow.  Get it?!

Two feet of snow.  Get it?!

Next I wanted to hit up the Lincoln and Korean War Memorial.  I wish I had a little better lighting, as I would have really liked to catch the reflection of the sunset off the wall or as  more light bounced off the snow, but I’m pretty happy with how this series developed.

The Lincoln memorial is completely protected by the elements, so there wasn’t very many neat things I could do with him.  Plus, there was a fair amount of tourists there and they were getting in the way.  I did manage to get this neat “smoke” like effect when I tried to use my flash to get his picture though, so there is that.  

"Over the meadow and through the woods...."

"Over the meadow and through the woods...."

Walking back to my car I noticed this refreshment stand.  With the night sky getting darker and the snow fall and the bright lights on in the window, it reminded me of grandma’s house as a little kid.  You now, running in to get some hot cocoa after being cold and wet after playing outside all day. 

I startled these geese with my clomping .  I’ve never been accused of being stealthy.


That wraps up my shoot (and my first blog post on this topic).  Feel free to leave feedback on the article and/or any of the images you have seen.